Bloom Reviews

"The soul and the honesty that has been poured into this EP is well worth experiencing. She’s an artist who has found her own voice, her own style, and she is holding on to it – running with it. The EP Bloom is highly recommended, five tracks of uninhibited r&b and soul." 

- Stereo Stickman 


"Silky smooth, Tolu Salako’s “Bloom EP” is an absolute gem. With carefully crafted leisurely grooves the entire EP glistens. By far the heart of the album is Tolu Salako’s soulful voice which commands attention. Arrangements are meticulous with every single element crystal clear in tone. Ornate these are songs with multiple layers of sound resulting in lush soundscapes. Tolu Salako effortlessly weaves these songs together making a rich tapestry of sound. Best taken in as a whole the songs build off of each together. 

Infectious and joyful, Tolu Salako’s “Bloom EP” is a tasteful refined form showing exactly how good R&B can be."

- Beach Sloth Blog Spot


"Tolu is a dedicated, well-trained & accomplished singer. In the 4 years that I have been coaching her I have seen her take a beautiful singing voice and develop to have advanced vocal skills, extensive musical knowledge & become a seasoned performer. She is a pleasure to work with, always eager to have her own input & put her unique stamp on anything she is singing. Whether for solo or group vocal work I would highly recommend Tolu."

- Natasha Andrews (Lead Vocalist, Chicane and Owner/Founder at I Want to Sing - Singing Lessons)