Tolu Salako


TOLU SALAKO, is an alternative singer-songwriter, performer and producer; growing up in Nigeria, she developed her passion to sing, and perform before audiences through participating in choirs and bands. In 2009 she relocated to Glasgow and began taking voice lessons, then in 2010 she moved to London to further develop herself musically and to pursue a solo career in music. Through hard work and perseverance she was able to accomplish this, even up to a Masters degree in Popular Music and Performance at the Institute of Popular Music and Performance (ICMP). In 2015 she was invited to be a member of a jury board in a singing competition, lead a vocal masterclass and perform at the international contest of Riga Symphony Orchestra. 


“Studying at the institute enabled me to strengthen and hone my identity as an artist and performer. As a creative, it made me more aware of my unique qualities.”


Over the years, she has performed in live venues both as an individual and within a band, done session work, as well as written topline for international artists and producers. She values music which has depth and meaning to it, and aims to exhibit this through her work. She identifies Toni Braxton as a major influence to her style, and also admires artists like Alicia Keys, Lizz Wright, and Meshell Ndegeocello.

- Tolu Salako

To Live... To Dream... To Receive...