Trip To Latvia

I finally have the chance to gather my thoughts about my trip to Latvia, and I am so excited to share this with you. Most of you who follow me on social media would remember how excited I was about going and how much I kept banging on about my experience. Anyway in this blog I will go into more detail about my trip. Enjoy!


I was invited to participate in the Riga Symphony Orchestra a festival that celebrates culture from around Europe and beyond, this festival is a yearly event and it is located in Riga, Latvia. My job at the festival involved judging a singing competition for performers age 7-25 in the categories of ‘World Hits’ and ‘Original Songs’, to lead a vocal masterclass and lastly to perform. My experience of Riga was enlightening in the sense that it revealed a quality in me that I never knew would ever suffice, and because of this Riga would always have a special place in my heart.  T

he exciting part of the festival was meeting incredibly talented performers, who were mind blowing, and although English is not their first language their diction whilst singing world hits was astonishingly accurate. The delegates of these contestants as well as the producers participating in the festival were equally wonderful even though most of them couldn't speak English, they were polite to the extent of trying to communicate in English just so they can relate with me.

However when it was a struggle to keep up with what they were saying, I would smile to let them know that I appreciated their kind gesture, which was often rewarded with a hug. Indeed this is just my second time going to Riga, but I cant help feeling that it always has a positive influence on me both as an individual and as an artist because I end up feeling like I have become a better version of myself. I would really love to go back again.