The Pearl in Me

My very first EP - Bloom, is now available in all stores worldwide! I feel extremely chuffed about this!! Reflecting back on the creative process, I am grateful for the ability and the opportunity to produce something so beautiful. To be confident enough to think up something in your head and bring that completely to life is truly magical, and I feel honoured to be as gifted. I love being a creative... Yes sometimes it doesn't work out the way I intend it to, but thats why every human is allowed to make mistakes, it is after all a tool we learn from isn't it? 

As a songwriter, my lyrics usually represent different phases of my life, or even stuff I am currently going through, because that way I feel it becomes more authentic to the listener, rather than bore them with unrealistic situations. Exposing your emotions in this way is both daunting and therapeutic because it enables you to really deal with those negative situations, rather than wish them away. I've learnt a lot from those dark seasons of my life, and it has always being my goal as an individual to offer the same hope I experienced in those moments, to those around me. I wish that each song on my EP entertains, encourages empathises with, and uplifts each listener.


Please let me know what you think of each song and what they mean to you. Looking forward to reading your stories. Thank you X